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Make a God-ward Decision. Monday 26th April 2021.

“... Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:42).

Mary chose what is better, said Jesus. In other words this all boiled down, in a way, to a single choice. Yes there were all sorts of other issues involved too, and we can be preoccupied with the unfairness or the sheer pressure of those surrounding issues at times. But somewhere in the midst of it all there come opportunities when we can make an important decision that may make all the difference.Within certain parameters it would seem that God will work with that decision - if it is God-ward. I think we would agree that our lives today are largely the product of decisions. God will not save someone for eternal life unless they make a decision to receive the gift; God would not take the Israelites into their future land of blessing in Canaan unless they chose to go in; Jesus would not take the rich young ruler with him unless that young man made a decision. These decisions were all related to relying on, trusting in, and worshipping God, going God’s Way. They were God-ward decisions. These are the kinds of decisions - which WE make - and that God backs up with His power. God cannot make those decisions for us. Making a quality God-ward decision is like dropping anchor in the swirling currents of life. It's a decision to not be controlled by the pressures, or the delights, which fill and control this world. Rather, it is understands that essential being is made to know God and to be known by God and to live life very differently to the way the world lives - with hearts in awe of the goodness, holiness, and majesty of our God (Romans 12:2). Make a decision... actually choose this day whom you will serve... and acknowledge the absolute need of His grace and empowerment (which He freely gives to those who will receive) in order to walk in that decision. His ways and His Kingdom are realised or manifest through our decisions. God is waiting for a decision....

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